Pre Launch Services

Test the water before you jump

Understand the market dynamics, consumer behavior and legal, tax & compliance system of India before launching your business in India.

Why a Pre Launch Exercise is a must for a Diverse Country like India?

Every country, its culture, and market dynamics are unique and it’s even truer about India. World’s largest democracy and second largest home for humankind is a unique market in itself. So a copy-paste approach surely will not work but even can backfire even for a well-tested product or services elsewhere in the world.

With 45 years of experience, we can bring a treasure of knowledge & expertise, which can help in localizing the products or services or the approach, a company should adopt.

Pre-Launch Services (PLS) Stands for

It includes a thorough the understanding of product or services of a company, its target customer, pricing, market research, the best way to enter the Indian market, legal, taxation, and compliance impact studies to provide a comprehensive advisory for Its launch of the business in India. It is a stand-alone consulting service that could be executed by our client itself or can be extended to us for implementation.

The Consulting Team

The team that will undertake the assignment will comprise of chartered accountants, management graduates with exposer to industry, marketing professional, technical experts, legal experts, and other industry experts as per the requirement of the project. A project manager, with 10 years plus expertise in India expansion/entry strategies, will lead the whole process. The team will consist of full-time professionals with MGR & Co, chartered accountant, part-time professionals, project basis deputies from various industries and institutions of repute as per the requirement of the project.

The Time Line

The whole exercise can be completed in 15-30 days depending on the requirement of the client. Our team composition is highly flexible and can be quickly changed as per requirements. However, as per the complexity of the project and coordination from the client side, the timeline can vary.

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